Ultrasound technology plays a crucial role in early pregnancy, providing expectant parents and healthcare providers with vital information. It is important to have a complete picture of what is happening during this time as it can determine the prenatal care of your baby, as well as the mother’s pregnancy care. Let’s delve into its significance.

  1. Confirmation of Pregnancy: The first ultrasound visually confirms the embryo’s presence in the uterus, and checks for a heartbeat, which is a significant indicator of pregnancy health. What is an ultrasound? The cardiac tissue of the embryo starts to beat at 5-6 gestational weeks of development. At this stage it is often too early to hear the heartbeat with a typical stethoscope, so it is vital to observe the heartbeat through the ultrasound.
  2. Estimating Gestational Age and Due Date: Ultrasound helps provide your baby’s gestational age and expected due date, aiding in accurate prenatal care planning. Since the gestational age of the fetus is based on the last menstrual period, and not the date of conception, many women do not accurately estimate their due date. How is gestational age calculated? 
  3. Detecting Complications: Ultrasound scans can detect early pregnancy complications such as ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. Signs of ectopic pregnancy Ectopic pregnancies occur in about 2% of all pregnancies. If an ectopic pregnancy goes undetected it can lead to very serious health complications for the mother including death. Read about ectopic pregnancies here

In essence, the first ultrasound is more than just a thrilling glimpse at your baby, but is an essential milestone that guides your prenatal journey and ensures informed, proactive care.

At First Choice Clinic, we offer limited OB ultrasound performed by our nurse manager with the results read by our medical director. Our limited ultrasound, and all of our other medical services are confidential and done at no cost to our clients. 

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